Appropriate Adult Services

At IME we are delighted to have been able to expand our services to young people through the provision of Appropriate Adults to support young people through interviews they may have with the Home Office, Local Authorities or the police and other legal interviews in which they may be required to participate.

IME is pleased to have provided Appropriate Adult services to local authorities across London and throughout Southern England to support young people during age assessment interviews of Unaccompanied Asylum Seeking Children. We are also able to provide support to young people where they may be required to participate in PACE interviews, providing voluntary statements, victim and witness interviews. All our Appropriate Adults have received relevant training and are DBS certified.

The role of our Appropriate Adults is to offer advice and support, in line with legislation, to facilitate effective communication between the assessing Social Workers and the young person such that they are aware of their rights, the circumstances and the procedure relating to their circumstances. Our Appropriate Adults act at all times to ensure the welfare of each young person is safeguarded throughout their interview process.

The role of the Appropriate Adult is not that of a solicitor or an advocate. Appropriate Adults do not give legal advice.

Bookings for Appropriate Adults can be made at

IME provides a helpline for young people at or by telephoning +44 208 152 8837.