International Medical Education (IME)

Welcome to the International Medical Education (IME) information centre.

Our aims are to maximise global educational opportunities by providing high quality learning opportunities to students worldwide through our study programmes and education consultancy work.

The Diploma in Medical Studies is designed to provide opportunities for students to apply their science knowledge in the field of medicine. The aim is to provide an alternative to re-taking A Levels, Baccalaureate or similar for those passionate about applying for a degree in medicine, bio-medical studies, nursing, or associated health professional studies. 


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Our International Training Programme for Qualified Nurses is designed to provide all the information, educational support and guidance required to develop a Nursing career with the National Health Service in England.

We are delighted to be in partnership with BDI Resourcing in the UK and in Cameroon with Skyhigh University  to ensure the success of these study programmes.

Education Consultancy provides quality assurance support to education providers through curriculum development, critical reviews of validation documents, continuing professional development and staff training.

International Medical Education (IME) is committed to exceeding the expectations of our students and clients globally.