Dr Mohan Pawa


Dr Mohan Pawa MBBS, MSc, MBA, FRSM, is a General Practitioner of medicine and has been a trainer of undergraduate and post-graduate students for 20 years. A leading researcher in diabetes and cardio-vascular disease, Dr Pawa has written papers and presented findings to global audiences. As Director of Medicine, Dr Pawa is responsible for ensuring the currency of the curriculum content. Dr Pawa is also one of the Personal Tutors who can be called upon for advice on all medical matters related to the course of study being undertaken.

Dr Keith Burn


Dr. Keith Burn PhD, MSc, BSc (Hons), QTS, TEFL, is the Director of Education and has overall responsibility for the quality of the curriculum. A lecturer and educational consultant for 20 years his specialist area of research is in achieving educational success.  As a leading researcher in high quality teaching, learning and success at university, Dr. Burn has a wealth of knowledge of the transition from high school to university, the challenges that students face and the strategies they can use to overcome these challenges.  Dr Burn has presented the findings from his research activities to UK and international audiences. Dr Burn is also one of the Personal Tutors who is on hand to provide advice and guidance on curriculum matters and progression.