Diploma in Medical Studies

The programme of study has been developed specifically for students who seek to aspire in the field of medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, biomedical sciences and nursing. Students will build on their prior knowledge of science and develop a deeper understanding of the application of that knowledge in a medical context.

If you have not yet studied at university level in these science based subjects then this programme of study may provide you with the opportunity to gain entry to the above degree courses either in your own country of residence, or in the UK.

The Diploma has a modular structure which means you may study as part of a group and complete all the modules within 6-9 months, alternatively you may choose to study individual modules at your own pace.  Successful completion of the Diploma requires that a minimum of 20 modules are completed.

Although anyone from age 16 can apply to study this programme, it is anticipated that students will already have completed a high school curriculum including mathematics and science. Students will also be competent in English language with O Level / GCSE grade A-C (4-9)  or an IELTS score of a minimum of 6.0.